We are a research driven company manufacturing a range of ecologically friendly inputs for sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Some of the products manufactured by us and our associate companies include Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, botanical pesticides, Soil conditioners, micronutrients, organic fertilizers, Plant growth promoters, plant extracts, a novel range of carriers and fillers for agriculture inputs, Neem Oil ( oil of Azadirachta indica seeds) and  Karanj oil (oil of Pongamia piñata seeds),

We have three well equipped manufacturing facilities for production of plant extracts, organic fertilizers, plant growth promoters, organic fungicides, Neem oil, Karanj oil,  other plant oils  and  ready  to  use  formulationsbased on Neem oil, karanj oil, other plant oils and plant extracts. Besides these we also manufacture standardized formulations and custom designed formulations of organic fungicides, other ecologically friendly pesticides and crop protection compounds.

We are bulk suppliers of all these quality agriculture input products. Our buyers include small and large manufacturers and formulators of organic pesticides and neem oil based products. Many manufacturers of bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, soil conditioners, micronutrients, plant growth promoters, nematode control products etc. source their bulk requirements of these products from us

We are well placed to meet requirements of our clients with flexible manufacturing facilities, well equipped laboratories and quality assurance centers to ensure that the products we manufacture meet the quality standards our buyers set for us.

We have recently developed a novel range of carriers and fillers for agriculture inputs. These specialized `functional’ and `active’ carriers and fillers are available for use with bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, organic pesticides, botanical pesticides, nematode control products and other soil application products. Carriers and fillers are also available for formulations containing micronutrients, plant growth promoters, vitality boosters, flowering boosters, organic fungicides, organic insecticides etc.

 We provide application support service and need based technical support to our customers who would like to set up their own production / repacking units in their own areas for production of formulations based on neem oil, karanj oil and other plant oils and plant extracts as also for bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, plant growth promoters, organic fertilizers, nematode control products, termite control products etc.

We invite you to go through the list of products we manufacture. Besides the products listed, we also develop new products / formulations to suit your specific requirements. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.